Help page

Type in your SMARTS expression. In case a syntax error occurs, please inspect the error message which should direct you to the wrong element of your expression.
Once a visualization is created, you can click on it to get a high-res picture for download. Feel free to use the graphics into publications or other material. The license is granted provided that the SMARTSview web service and the corresponding publication is properly cited and the graphic is not manually modified.

Under 'more options' you can control:

  • Visualization mode: 'Complete Visualization' is our standard. You can use 'Element Symbols' in case you want to print B/W or have problems in detecting colors. ID-Mapping and Structure Diagram-like help to understand the SMARTS pattern. Just give it a try.
  • Visualization of default bonds: A default bond is formally interpreted as 'single or aromatic bond', which is somehow disturbing in SMARTSview. You can switch between the standard mode (show a single bond only) or the formally correct 'single or aromatic' mode. - Legend options: Allows you to customize the legend shown under the SMARTSview graphics.
  • More options: SMARTS-Trim is an algorithm which detects redundant elements in your SMARTSexpression and removes them automatically. Show atom labels integrates the atom ids (the order in which they appear in the string or the manually defined order (i.e. [O:2])) into the graphical representation.